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RYSHOCPIA Foundation programs draws high praise for providing at-risk children and underprivileged youth with a safe and supportive environment, where they can develop trade skills preparing them for successful careers. Participation in community projects teach leadership skills, collaborative tasks and team building while encouraging students to serve their communities.

The WACO Theater Center is dedicated to the empowerment of artists, and people in general, within a diversified pool of our LA communities and beyond. By giving back they encourage young artists to find their true purpose and awaken their own individual power source, which fuels their art. 

Because High School Is Tough Enough...

without having to worry about where you are going to sleep at night, where your next meal is coming from, and how you will pay for clothing, hygiene items, and school supplies. Project 150 was created out of our community’s desire to help these students.


THE MISSION: To provide support and services to homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students so they can remain in school, graduate, and build bright futures.


Approximately 128,000 children in the Clark County School District meet the federal income-eligible definition of food insecure. With all governmental and nonprofit resources currently being deployed, only 15% of these kids receive weekend food bags. Our mission fills that gap.


HomeAid Southern Nevada Outreach programs are a great opportunity to connect our community with the organizations who do their work in support of the homeless. These outreach programs are hands on service days that help fulfill immediate needs within local shelters and facilities. Outreach Programs include, but are not limited to: backpack drives, clean up days, painting, landscaping, hygiene kit assembly and more!

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TIA'S HOPE was founded in honor of Tia Palermo. Tia was first diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2001 and bravely battled the disease for over 11 years. She spent many holidays at City of Hope National Medical Center and greatly admired what they accomplished with respect to cutting-edge treatments and patient care. Tia always felt that there should be something special for the children who had to spend part of their youth in a hospital. She took great joy in sharing special experiences, or as she called them, "Memory Moments" and with that in mind, TIA’S HOPE was established by Tia’s loving family to honor her wish that children have  more of these unique and positive memories.