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RYSHOCPIA students participate in community volunteer activities to instill the importance of giving back to the community.


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April 29, 2021

The annual World Wide Safety - Safety Awards is an event based on community support and. Awarded on an annual basis, it serves to highlight those companies that go above and beyond in the area of worker safety. The World Wide Safety - Safety Awards are designed to elevate the awareness of the importance of safety in all aspects of the Land Development industry.

The program highlights giving back by your company's efforts to achieve safety excellence while providing an opportunity to emphasize the importance of safety to their own company goals, including financial targets.


Founded by fashion designer, philanthropist, and art collector Tina Knowles Lawson along with her husband actor, director, and master acting teacher Richard Lawson. WACO Theater Center is a non-profit art, performance, and cultural center.

The WACO Theater Center is dedicated to the empowerment of artists, urban youth, and people in general, within a diversified pool of our LA communities and beyond. We encourage artists to find their true purpose and awaken their own individual power source, which fuels their art. Through the well-crafted vision of our artistic directors, Richard Lawson & Tina Knowles Lawson, hundreds of artists and others will learn to reach tangible goals by applying a systematic road-map that allows them to put their dreams into action, resulting in monetizing their unique talent no matter what their ages are. “Dreams don’t have expiration dates.”