Opportunity Changes Lives

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RYSHOCPIA Foundation Founder, Virginia Toalepai’s lifelong commitment to serving at-risk youth is the driving force behind the agency’s successful programs. Virginia’s vision aims to end cycles of poverty and joblessness by empowering local, at-risk and underprivileged children and youth from communities of color by creating real opportunities to change their lives.
RYSHOCPIA Foundation challenges society’s accepted limitations typically imposed on children of color from low-income and poor families, by providing career opportunities that are so often out of reach. RYSHOCPIA inspires its students to dream big and build their successful futures.
For students interested in entering the skilled construction trades, RYSHOCPIA programs offers the practical training needed to begin a successful career. This means that every lesson and assignment prepares students to meet the basic qualifications for an entry-level job and beyond. Students learn in a dedicated environment with peers on the same track as them, instructed by experienced professionals in the field.




RYSHOCPIA’S main objective is to stop the youth unemployment cycle. We strive to inspire students to pursue the American dream through the dignity of work, leadership, successful careers and entrepreneurship in the construction trades.
RYSHOCPIA programs offer highly focused vocational training programs taught by volunteer instructors / industry experts. The programs are specifically designed to prepare students for a job in their skilled trades. Instructors focus on developing students’ technical abilities in skills and mechanical trades. At every stage of the training models, there is a high priority given to establishing healthy and trusting relationships, promoting safety, and advocacy with and for our youth.
Students participate in hands-on vocational training in various trades, and learn the basics regarding career advancements of skills such as; project procedures and materials needed to comply with planning, specifications, and building codes. Students who successfully complete the RYSHOCPIA courses are eligible for internships that prepare them for employment in the trades, as well as other advanced careers options as construction estimators, project schedulers, project superintendents, sustainable specialists, supervisory positions within the construction industry and general contractors.