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Striving For Greatness

Our Mission

The RYSHOCPIA Foundation is a Non-Profit organization committed to engaging at-risk, homeless, and underserved children and youth interested in the construction industry trades, through hands-on training, life-skills leadership, and entrepreneurship opportunities, inspiring them to build a future they deserve.

The heart and soul of the RYSHOCPIA Foundation is our commitment to ending the cycle of poverty and joblessness among youth in Southern Nevada and inspiring them to lead successful careers in the construction trades.

The RYSHOCPIA Foundation supports community and networking events, promoting opportunities for students to learn social and leadership skills in business. RYSHOCPIA students participate in community volunteer activities to instill the importance of giving back to the community.

RYSHOCPIA Foundation programs draws high praise for providing at-risk children and underprivileged youth with a safe and supportive environment, where they can
develop trade skills preparing them for successful careers. Participation in community projects teach leadership skills, collaborative tasks and team building while encouraging students to serve their communities.

Our goal is based on solidarity, and focused on empowering youth who are most marginalized, rejected and forgotten. Help us in our mission to keep at-risk immigrant youth from falling through the cracks.